Are you ready for summer?

By Olivia Duffey

How fireproof is your plan?

The Rural Fire Service Mid Murray Support Brigade will be helping people prepare for the upcoming fire season with its annual Get Ready Weekend.

It encourages engagement between brigades and their community, and raises awareness of how to address bushfire risks before the danger period.

Support brigade members will have a stall at the Naponda Farmers’ Market in Deniliquin’s CBD this Saturday, September 12.

Senior Deputy Captain of logistics Olivia Duffey said members will help you create a fireproof plan for your family.

‘‘We all know how dangerous the bushfire season can be,’’ she said.

‘‘Deniliquin was especially lucky to have missed the 2019/20 bushfires that raged across the state, but that doesn’t mean we will always avoid tragedy.

‘‘It is important to have a plan and know exactly what you will do if you find yourself in the midst a bushfire or any other fire.’’

Miss Duffey said leaving early is the safest choice, but if you decide to stay, it is your responsibility to be prepared.

‘‘When creating your fireproof plan, don’t forget to discuss it with everyone in your household and agree on what is best for you,’’ she said.

‘‘You need to decide on when you will leave and where you will go, ensuring you identify more than one route to your safe location as bushfires can close roads at short notice.

‘‘Decide on what you will take with you. This often includes pets, photos and important documents.

‘‘If you decide to stay firefighters and emergency services will do everything they can to help you, but there is no guarantee there will be a fire truck available when you need it. So you must make sure you are prepared to fight the blaze yourself.’’

At the brigade’s market stall you will be able to collect a wide range of resources to help create your fireproof plan, as well as educational resources for children.

‘‘We can help you start those discussions with your family, and show how to get your children involved,’’ Miss Duffey said.

‘‘We will also have fun show bags and other items such as our popular children’s fire helmets that we will give away on the day.

‘‘And if you are interested in the Rural Fire Service, ask us what we do as a brigade and we can answer questions for anyone thinking of joining.’’

To start creating your fireproof plan, visit