Allocations creeping up

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

General security water allocations in the NSW Murray increased by four per cent this week, to a total of 12 per cent.

Incorporating carryover, the average water availability for general security water entitlements rises to 33 per cent.

In the Murrumbidgee Valley, general security has increased by 12 per cent, to 44 per cent.

With carryover, general security access is 62 per cent.

Murray Irrigation chairman Phil Snowden said three allocation increases in a row highlights a good start to the season, which he hopes will continue.

‘‘Recent rain, coupled with a number of supplementary water events and the release of early water through Murray Irrigation’s WaterWell suite got the recent season off to a good start,’’ he said.

‘‘This week’s announcement of another four per cent of general security water in Murray builds on this.

‘‘It stands our region in good stead and will hopefully lead to future water allocations.

‘‘This is particularly important now, coming off the back of two years of zero general security water allocation that brought our region to its knees.

‘‘Hopefully the rain will continue, allowing the storage dams to fill and secure further water allocations. 

‘‘That will then allow us to get on with what we do best  producing food and fibre resources for our nation.’’

The Bureau of Meteorology’s seasonal outlook for September to November indicates rainfall conditions are likely to be ‘‘wetter than average across the catchment’’.

The next water allocation is to be announced on September 15.