Taking after dad

By Jamie Lowe

Anthony Bradley never set out to follow in his father Wayne’s footsteps, but he became a school teacher like him anyway.

While he maintains the decision to go into teaching was more about the opportunity than his father’s influence, there is no denying the Deniliquin High School teacher and his father have so much more in common.

And those common passions for sport, community and supporting the younger generation have been passed on to Anthony’s own children too.

As has the love of the Essendon Football Club.

The family will all come together this Sunday for Father’s Day, and to watch the Bombers in action.

‘‘We’ll have a family lunch at my place and if it’s cold enough we’ll sit around the fire pit,’’ Anthony said.

‘‘We’ll also be watching the Bombers beat the Cats on Sunday.’’

Anthony has been a teacher at Deniliquin High School since 2004, meaning his career has already spanned almost half of that of his father.

Wayne worked within the NSW education system for 40 years, 37 of which were spent at Edward Public School in Deniliquin. He retired from EPS in September 2011.

Anthony came to education late though, initially taking up an apprenticeship in Deniliquin after graduating from Deni High.

‘‘The only thing I didn’t want to be was a school teacher,’’ Anthony said with a laugh.

‘‘I completed my plumbing apprenticeship, and then wanted a change in career.

‘‘I called Charles Sturt University in Albury, asked what options they had and was told they could offer me a scholarship and guaranteed work if I studied teaching.

‘‘I finished the course and when looking for work I put down three desired locations.

‘‘My wife (Deanne) and I had our house on the market not knowing where we would end up, and then I was offered the job at Deni.

‘‘Tom (our oldest child) was actually born in our first week in Deni so it was good we could be close to mum and dad at that time.’’

So will Anthony’s sons Tom and Noah continue the family teaching tradition?

‘‘We want to be anything but a teacher,’’ they said in unison, and with a laugh.

One thing all the Bradley boys do have in common, and the women of the family too in fact, is a love of sport.

They are involved in community sport year round, with the family heavily involvement with the Deniliquin Rams Football Netball Club and the Deniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club. Wayne and his wife

Cheryl are also members of the Deniliquin RSL Bowling Club.

‘‘Sport was a big part of my life and that has been passed down through the generations,’’ Wayne said.

‘‘I grew up playing for the Rams and am back involved again because of my sons,’’ Anthony added.

‘‘Because the kids want to do it, you want to be back involved with the club and that passion for sport comes from wanting to see your kids do well,’’ he said.